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Sleep well, eat well

Sleep well, eat well


Yes. We know. Every inch of our body knows. Our jeans are a little tighter. Our belts have dropped a couple of notches and, let’s face it, the only liquid we’ve drunk for the past two weeks is made of grapes... a lot of red, a bit of white and some bubbles. And let’s not forget it’s the only time when sneaking in a handful of pigs in blankets pre 9am is acceptable, right?

But has anyone else noticed that since they’ve kicked back over the holidays their sleeping pattern is a bit out of whack? Feeling more restless, interrupted and out of sync?

So what causes a restless night exactly? Late dinners take up important resting energy digesting everything, sugary desserts and naughty treats make us jittery and alcohol stops us from falling into much needed deep sleep. It’s a cycle that’s hard to crack - our diet isn’t great, so we don’t sleep well, and because we’re not sleeping well, the levels of our stress hormone (cortisol) increase making us crave comfort foods. It also reduces our ability to make smart decisions so we’re more likely to keep going for the box of Quality Street sat on the coffee table…

So what works? Try lowering your caffeine intake or switching to decaf or herbal teas. Drinking a glass of cherry juice or eating a handful of walnuts or a banana pre bedtime have also been proven to help catch some extra zz’s.

Throughout January we’ve also joined forces with the experts at Gousto to help make keeping those New Year’s resolutions a bit easier! When you buy any Simba you will receive a FREE Gousto box filled with the ingredients for 3 delicious and healthy meals for 2 people! For more info click here.

What's the perfect companion to a healthy diet? A perfect night sleep! On average Simba sleepers get 21 extra minutes sleep a night – that's nearly 16 nights extra a year and 7.5 weeks over 10 years (the average lifespan of a mattress).


Let us know how you get on... we may just finish those last few chocolates first ...


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