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news  |  behind the scenes, educational, product

Mattresses on the tube

news  |  behind the scenes, educational, product

Mattresses on the tube

Mattresses on the tube

So you saw our new TV ad...

If you haven’t, we’ve popped it up on our homepage – now we’ve created a poster campaign that will be on tubes and buses near you very soon.

Showing you all about it

You already know that we’re really proud of our product: we spent a lot of time researching and developing it to make sure that it gives the best support no matter what happens on top of it.

 But we thought about it and realised that we can describe the layers until the cows come home, but it might just be better to show you exactly what goes in to making sure that you’re supported whether relaxing, watching Netflix…or doing other stuff.

 When you see a mattress, sit on it in John Lewis or when it arrives at your door, it’s just a single layer claiming to improve your life. But let’s be honest, there’s no real way of differentiating it from everything else out there?  So we saw our posters as a unique chance to deconstruct the mattress and, literally, show you what’s inside.

No computers here: all on set

Into the studio we went with our very own set designer. That deconstructed mattress you see in the image…it’s an exact replica of what arrives at your door in its special box. We pulled out the layers, suspended them in the air, then built some mechanical glutes to represent that part of the process where we test each mattress rigorously to make sure it does what it says it does.

We always wanted to make buying the right mattress simpler. Hopefully, now that you can see exactly what goes into making that single, life-improving, mattress-in-a-box, your decision will be easier. 

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