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Is Sleep The New Kale?

Is Sleep The New Kale?

Is Sleep The New Kale?

What does a Slinky, a bag of kale, the game Snake and a Lava Lamp all have in common? And no, it’s not a ridiculous pub joke…

They’re all fads and like as not, you’ve probably indulged in at least one (or all) of them.

Every year new fads crop up and they’re not just gadgets fresh from the factory assembly line either. Many are nature’s own produce, brought to fame as a consequence of our fascination with wellness (and the supermarket's commitment to their financial statements). Before we know it the prices on these items have skyrocketed and our fridges are packed out with them.

Did you partake of the cabbage soup diet of the 90s? Ever brushed your teeth with charcoal? Do you ‘keep calm and eat kale’?

Ah, kale. How that took hold. We were pulverising, soaking, crisping, baking and steaming it left, right and centre. It was everywhere from Manhattan to the Big Smoke, dominating the food scene.

Now, we’re not suggesting there’s anything wrong with setting a spotlight on this beloved brassica. Quite the contrary - it’s absolutely packed full of wonderful vitamins. Kale smoothies all round, please! However, if you grew up in a rural part of the world where your best friend was a Gloucestershire Old Spots pig by the name of King Canute, you may sooner recognise kale as a type of cattle feed than something to have with your morning eggs. But enough about you kale, you’ve had your final curtain call. There’s a new fad on the block.

Clean Sleeping.

Everyone from Gwyneth to Queen B is getting behind it, the NHS has always been all about it and we built a business around it. We couldn’t be happier that your nightly eight hours is finally getting the limelight.

Sleep is vital to our mental and physical health. In fact, it’s vital full stop.

Unfortunately, the length of shut eye we’ve been getting has been in decline. Research by UC Berkeley shows that in the past seventy years we’ve gone from sleeping an optimal eight hours per night to just over six. Blue light from LED screens, social media, anxiety and sleep disorders are just a few of the things that keep us up at night. Sadder than the 20% decrease in the average length of sleep is that our leading health professionals link lack of sleep to terrible diseases such as depression, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and obesity.

For these reasons and many others, Simba is determined to lead the innovation in sleep science.

The benefits of good quality sleep are endless! It’s been proven to improve memory, creativity and physical performance and help you to maintain a healthy diet, among many other things.

If there’s one fad to throw your weight behind it’s this. Don’t just rely on the sleep pods your boss installed in the office or the shoulder of the person next to you on the Tube. Before you resort to Beditation and Napercise try instead to get your nighttime routine right at home. We encourage you to read thoroughly around on the topic: get educated and get involved.

As a business, Simba Sleep is committed to ensuring that all our customers have a good night's’ sleep. We welcome everyone to enjoy our 100 Night Trial of our Simba Hybrid.

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