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Introducing Simba Luxe: Limitless Luxury

news  |  emily wynne-jones, limitless luxury, luxury mattress, new simba products, product development, simba luxe

Introducing Simba Luxe: Limitless Luxury

Introducing Simba Luxe: Limitless Luxury

We've already re-imagined the mattress. Since our Hybrid® Mattress launched, its unique combination of patented conical springs, memory foam and Simbatex has turned the category upside-down. So why take on a new mattress challenge with Simba Luxe? We sat down with our Head of Product Development, Emily Wynne-Jones, to uncover the inspiration and innovation behind our brand new disruptive development. 


Why Simba Luxe?

We live and breathe science and technology here, so we were never going to rest on our laurels having cracked the design of a mattress made to give almost everyone a great night’s sleep. We think big and bold and we always want to offer sleepers real choice. With the Luxe we tackled a new, different challenge: what does limitless luxury feel like, Simba-style? So far, the answers we’ve heard have included ‘like floating’.

How is the Luxe different from other luxury mattresses?

Premium mattresses are generally very bulky, and we’ve not seen any really notable differences under the covers for some time. Our goal was to design and make the most luxurious, innovative mattress we could - and also to still fit it in a box and keep to our mission to reinvigorate the mattress buying process. You get all the quality and meticulous attention to detail you’d expect, as well as the effortless convenience of direct delivery in a box to the room of your choice. As one tester reminded us, that means no more scraped walls or bashed bannisters! And packed into that delivery are up to 10,500 of our patented conical springs, memory foam layers and a completely re-engineered Simbatex. There’s nothing else out there like it.

With the Luxe, there are now 10 layers of luxury. What’s in them all?

We really re-imagined luxury from the ground up so you’d feel it from the top down - or I should say from the topper! The support base is built with our classic seventh heaven zoning, which is based on extensive body profile data to offer flexible, ultra-comfortable support. Then there are three layers of springs, each with a corresponding layer of adaptable memory foam for cushioned responsiveness. We worked directly with spring manufacturers to specify the size and tension, so we created some of the smallest, finest, most responsive springs on the market. We also used varied tension in the bottom spring layer so we could match the zoning to the base for unbelievable supportive, cradling comfort. You can’t miss the detachable topper, either - there are 4,000 springs in that alone so it could be a mattress in its own right. And as if that wasn’t enough, we redesigned our Simbatex comfort layer. It now includes charcoal, which is both a natural purifier and encourages superior cooling airflow because of the way it’s structured. In exhaustive tests we found this re-engineered material was so durable it will hold its shape and firmness incredibly well for 10 years. We were so happy with the effects, we put two layers in! And we know charcoal is the material of the moment - so now you can sip it in your lattes and have a nice lie-down on it.

Of course, true luxury is all about the finishing touches. We even made our well-known super-breathable white sleep surface that much thicker and fluffier, matching it with a newly-designed, durable 3D fabric around the sides and base which takes three times as long to weave but is totally worth the wait. And we tucked some hidden handles underneath for easy rotation. We’ve honestly thought of everything!

What was your favourite part of the Luxe development process?

Ooh, probably trying it! I’ve had a late-stage prototype in my house for a while and I won’t be separated from it! But also it’s really important to us as a team to get in there and really drive each part of the process, try new things and test it all to the limit. For example, for a lot of brands pocket springs are simply bought in as is. We wouldn’t have that - we wanted to get the right size, weight, tension, zoning… Watching them being made is actually really fascinating too. There was also the moment where we realised we’d nailed fitting all this incredible innovation and a firm mattress and topper - with plenty of height to it - into the same size box we usually use and that it would spring back into shape perfectly when needed. It really feels like we’re making magic sometimes - and then you read the user testing and reviews and it makes your heart sing. Plus the Luxe is all designed and made right here in the UK, which feels really good.

So, um, my favourite part was all of it, then.

Where to next for Simba? With the Luxe as the pinnacle of mattress engineering, where is there left to go?

Oh well, that would be telling. Clearly the fact that we now offer height-adjustable pillows, temperature-regulating duvets, soothing Sleep Spray, reflexology-inspired slippers and Aloe Vera enriched sheets shows that we are constantly obsessing about all the different ways we can be forward-thinking and genuinely make sleep better and more rewarding for everyone. We have a few launches up our sleeves in the coming weeks which I’m really excited about - some closer to home and some bigger departures - but you can ask me more about those when the cat is out of the bag!


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