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The Big Father’s Day Lie In

news  |  event, fun

The Big Father’s Day Lie In

The Big Father’s Day Lie In

We often forget to tell our Dad just how much we appreciate everything he does for us. No matter how hard things can get, Dad will always be on your side. He’s the man that picks you up when you fall and the one that helps you run again. He was the person who taught you how to shave and how to be a man. He taught you to ride a bike and even how to drive. He wiped your tears after your first break-up and he walked you down the aisle. He is your best friend, your best man, your back-up and support. He’s someone you can confide in, someone whose truth you won’t distort. You will borrow his tools and his help with DIY. He is a flat-pack furniture master and the best football pundit alive. He taught you how to play a game, then let you win every round. He is always there for a chat, his advice is nothing less than profound. This Sunday, show your Dad how much you appreciate him. Don’t wake him up early, let him be a part of Simba Sleep’s Big Father’s Day Lie In.


Dads Should Get a Lie In

We know life can be pretty hectic for a Dad. With children, a busy schedule and an active lifestyle, any sleep he gets can be precious. This is why, this year Simba Sleep are initiating The Big Father’s Day Lie In. On Father’s Day, we are urging families to spoil their Dads with an extra few hours of rest in bed. If you happen to indulge him with breakfast in bed and a few presents afterwards, then we’re sure you won’t hear any complaints.

Shhhhhh Dad’s Having a Lie In

At Simba Sleep, we know it can be tricky to sometimes keep children occupied in the morning. Restless children can become noisy and then before you know it, Dad’s lie in didn’t last for long. This is why you can download our fun ‘Shhhhhhhh Dad’s Having a Lie In’ door handle hanger with a blank side – the perfect place for any little artist to show off their colouring in skills. Ideal for keeping any child occupied just long enough for Dad to catch up on his missed sleep.

A Few Dad Worthy Gift Ideas

So you’ve got the lie in sorted but now you need a present. Fear not, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at some of our unique gift ideas below:

A Three Month Friday Night Curry Subscription from The Spicery

Does your Dad fancy himself as a bit of a wizard in the kitchen? Or is he just a curry fanatic? This three-month curry subscription from The Spicery delivers spices and ingredients for a different curry recipe direct to your door each month.

A Half-Zip Mid Layer Running Jersey from TribeSports

Is your Dad an avid runner or active gym-goer? This is the perfect present. Designed for running, this charcoal toned mid layer running jersey from renowned sportswear brand TribeSports not only focuses on performance but ensures your Dad will look good too.

A Monthly Sock Subscription from Henry J Socks

Okay so it’s a bit of a cliché buying your Dad socks as a gift but we think any man would be happy with this. Henry J Socks offer a monthly sock subscription that will deliver a new pair of high quality, bold and quirky socks each month for however long you desire.

The Best Lie In A Dad Can Get

There’s one sure fire way to guarantee your Dad gets the lie in he deserves; a Simba Sleep mattress. Made with 2,500 conical springs, a memory foam layer and a perfectly engineered supportive base, this is guaranteed to offer a sleep he’ll cherish. Find out more information here.  

Download our colour in Father's Day lie in door hanger here. Don't forget to Tweet us pictures of your coloured in door hanger, using the hashtag #fathersday.

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