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sleep science  |  educational, fun, tips

How To Create The Perfect Bedside Table

sleep science  |  educational, fun, tips

How To Create The Perfect Bedside Table

How To Create The Perfect Bedside Table

The bedside table is where style meets functionality. It is a sacred place which is home to your everyday essentials, cherished accessories and occasionally a wrapper from last night’s midnight snack. Your bedside table truly is a reflection of your personality. So don’t bury it under a mountain of books, don’t settle for a boring alarm clock, go all out and make this hallowed piece of furniture a reflection of your inner self.

We at Simba Sleep believe that your bedroom is your sanctuary which should start at your mattress and end with your personal stylistic touches. We’ve scoured high and low to find some of the most evocative and essential bedside table accessories waiting for your room.


Light It Up

Your bedside table needs a feature piece for other accessories to be styled around. As the largest item usually found on this type of bedroom furniture, a bedside lamp is the ideal option. Table or desk lamps often come in a vast array of designs and sizes so you can really look for something to reflect your personality. If an understated and contemporary look is to your taste then why not opt for this black Brenna Table Lamp from Rowen and Wren? This piece offers a refined industrial style that is adaptable to your décor. 


Sound the Alarm

Your alarm clock may at times become the bane of your life but why must that mean it should be ugly. Unfortunately, an alarm clock is a necessary evil yet if you find the right design then it can become something to attract attention and add a unique twist to your furnishings. The Pocketwatch alarm clock from Newgate clocks makes for a quirky yet unobtrusive addition to your bedroom. Don’t fret too much about the sound of your alarm clock, with a Simba Sleep mattress, you’re guaranteed a great night’s sleep.


Pen, Paper and a Touch of Inspiration

We’ve all been there, you’ve just got comfortable in bed and inspiration finally strikes. You remember something to add to the agenda for tomorrow’s meeting or you’ve had the creative breakthrough you’ve been searching for all week. Why disturb your comfort when you can lean over and jot the information down ready for when you wake tomorrow morning? A pen and notepad are important and distinctive additions to your bedroom accessories. We take preference to the sleek curves of Parker Pen’s Urban Collection paired with a black leather notepad for an evocative yet professional everyday look.


Some Bedtime Reading?

A book is the perfect way to add a touch of personality to your bedside table. We don’t recommend swamping the place with every novel you’ve read since school but there should definitely be place for your latest written adventure next to your bed. Lying comfortably on our mattress with your favourite book is an excellent way of cooling off and shutting down after a stressful day. We recommend the tense and expertly crafted thriller ‘I Saw A Man’ by Welsh novelist Owen Sheers.


Think Outside of the Storage Box

Storage boxes are perfect for your bedroom side tables and desks. Where else will you keep your keys, phone, wallet and anything else you carry around on a daily basis? The problem is though that there are so many boring storage boxes which are unsightly and can really make your bedroom appear quite dull and unexciting. The trick here is to think outside of the box. Don’t settle for something that doesn’t fall in line with the atmosphere of your bedroom. We’ve found some really unique storage options from Nkuku. Why not opt for a galvanised steel container resonant with the very current and on-trend soft industrial theme? Or alternatively a wooden slate tray offers something entirely distinctive to the appearance of your room.


Sleep Well

No matter how stylish your bedroom may be or how impressive your bedside table is, it is nothing if you don’t get a good night’s sleep. Your bedroom can be your sanctuary, it can be something to be proud of but without the comfort and benefits of an expertly designed mattress, you won’t feel it. Here at Simba Sleep, we feel that your bedroom should be a place of comfort and a place to spend your days, as well as your nights. Find out what your bedroom is missing by discovering the Simba Sleep mattress here.

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