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Cocktails in Bed

news  |  fun, tips

Cocktails in Bed

Cocktails in Bed

Overpriced bars? Around the table, with friends, you’d have rather departed hours ago? All rubbish – we reckon the best place in the world to enjoy cocktails is in bed! On a Simba mattress, to be precise!

Think about it – cocktails are associated with relaxation, romance and generally having the most fun you can have with your clothes on. So given the fact that clothes are totally optional, why not grab your shaker and dive between the sheets? (No pun intended)


Tequila Sunrise

First of all, if you’ve never experienced an evening of cocktails in bed before, why not pull an all-nighter? Throw yourself in at the deep end and make a pact with whoever you take to bed with you that you won’t sleep until the sunrise. And to keep your energy up in the meantime, what better than a few shots of tequila? Take yourself the whole works with you – salt shaker, lime wedges and maybe a few Mexican snacks to take care of the midnight munchies. If you prefer something a little sweeter then here's a great recipe for the classic tequila sunrise by Suffice to say, it’ll be one tequila sunrise you’ll never forget!


Sex On the Bed

Chances are we really don’t have to get too bogged down with all the gory details of what this little number refers to. Or do we? Well, we won’t – we’ll leave it up to you and those creative imaginations of yours! Bringing cocktails to bed is the perfect recipe for romance, so may we suggest something like a rich chocolate martini or a gorgeously decadent mudslide? Or if it’s nothing but energy and vigour you’re after, you could always make do with the classic vodka, orange, cranberry and peach schnapps combo. Check out this classic recipe by If you want that extra little boost try adding a dash of redbull. 


Your Island Ice Tea

We always say that your bed is your island and it’s something we really do believe in. It’s the one place you can usually head to in order to hide away from the stresses and strains of everyday life, getting up to anything you fancy in blissful privacy! As far as cocktails for the bedroom go, the classic Long Island Ice Tea never fails to hit the spot in every conceivable way. But as it’s your bed and your moment, why not get a little creative? From fruit syrups to extra shots to peach schnapps, chuck in whatever you fancy and keep trying new ideas until something does the job!


Breakfast Martini

What’s a breakfast martini? Well, it’s pretty much any martini you indulge in while enjoying breakfast in bed! Or at least, that’s how we see it – the actual breakfast martini is made using marmalade, orange liqueur and lemon juice in place of vermouth. But if those things aren’t to your taste (and you don’t have any immediate plans for the day), you can pretty much feel free to throw anything you want in there and see what happens! We like this recipe for an Abbey Martini by


Irish Coffee

Last but not least, whether looking for a much-needed pick-me-up or the perfect drink to relax with after a busy ay doing whatever, the classic Irish Coffee ticks both boxes, big time. Which is why it’s the perfect cocktail to enjoy in bed – it does whatever it is you need it to do! And of course, the fact that you’ll also be armed with a can of whipped cream to play with…well, you can probably figure out the rest!

Bonus Cocktail: Lover’s Colada

Here at Simba we’re all hopeless romantics so couldn’t put this bonus cocktail in – The Lover’s Colada from the guys over at Funkin Cocktails. This recipe is quick easy and above all they keep it simple and that's just the way we like it!

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